Advice on Blogging from My Friend

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I’m having trouble with my growth, in blogging. Well, not just blogging but let’s focus.

So, I asked advice to one of my successful friends. Let’s call him Wily.

Me: Listen, Wily, I don’t get results with blogging. You have tens of thousands of followers. Give me advice.

Wily: Well, there’s no single secret. Just hard work and good writing. And a few hacks, of course.

M: Mmh?

W: Do you know the $1.80 rule?

M: No.

W: Before breakfast — every single day — you should have given your 2 cents on the top 9 trending Instagram posts for 10 different hashtags.

M: Seems lot of work!

W: Not really. Consistency is the key.

M: But I want to write. I don’t use Instagram.

W: To have social success you have to be social. Else, nobody will read you. Anyway, writing will be important too. Every single day, before breakfast, you have to write and publish a post.

M: Oh. That seems a lot of work too. It’s already hard to post twice per week. You know, research, structure, editing…

W: No, no, no. Don’t use that word again! No “research.” You don’t have time for that. Nor for editing or anything else. You write and publish. Repeat.

M: I’m not sure this fits me…

W: Eyes on the prize. These are proven tactics.

M: Okay…

W: And of course, every single day, before breakfast, you have to follow as many people as possible.

M: Follow? I already have to do the 180 cents thing and publish a post! How can I read tons of articles?

W: Who said ”read”? I said follow. Come on, you don’t have to know those people. But they see you in their notifications, you’re generous with them, and many of them will follow you back.

M: Seems just a numbers thing.

W: Seems success, to me. I got my first 10K followers this way. Do you want that too?

M: I understand. Maybe I should really give this a try. But now I’m curious about…

W: What?

M: What time is it, breakfast?

W: 6 am.

M: Ouch. Seen what I have to do before, I’d have said 3 pm… So, when do I get up?

W: 3 am is fine.

M: Oh. I’m not sure I can do it. I’ll try 4 am… And after breakfast?

W: Podcasting. Upload one episode per day.

— One month later. —

W: How’s going with the “routine”? Got results?

M: To be honest, I’ve had a hard time, with it… I got up at 4 am for one week, and all I got was nausea for the rest of the day. So, I switched to 5 am, but there was no time left for the 180 cents, and growth was slow. So, I focused on writing, but my mind was blurred. My words started to make sense after breakfast, but then the rest of the day was calling, and I didn’t even have time for the podcast. A big mess… I’m not good at it…

W: Come on! You just need coaching! I can’t do that for free, but you’re a friend, we’ll arrange.

M: Maybe you’re right but no, thanks. Maybe I’m just not a writer. I thought the whole thing was about writing.

W: I don’t understand. It is, about writing. I write a hundred comments per day. Plus a couple of daily posts, one about writing and one about making money by writing.

M: Don’t bother, W., but thank you for all the advice. I don’t have time, now. I need real money.

W: Don’t worry, I’ll give you all the links for that. But the first thing you have to do soon is to publish a long article about how to make money. Believe me. Before breakfast. After that, upload a video.

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