Blogging may be addicting. It’s a powerful way of expressing, inspiring, communicating, educating, connecting, promoting.

Like anything else, it comes with bright and dark sides.

The Web is full of advice, for sailing that sea. And that’s good. Anyone blogs, nowadays. It’s a crowded Web.

But, at some point, I felt the need for a different perspective.

When you blog, seriously, you are investing your energies, your money, your time. You subtract time to other opportunities. Other people are involved. You have responsibilities.

Blogging has a role in your life. It’s not just about SEO.

Yes, technicalities have to be there. But the most of your struggle will have nothing to do with hacks. It will have to do with your creativity, with your marketing skills, with platforms that fail you, with false advice, with your doubts, your discouragement, your blocks, your decisions, your false steps. And several other pits on the path.

You’ll need to clearly see the threats, and find your way through them.

At the same time, you’d better enjoy this journey. It’s a fascinating challenge, it will have a role in your life, and I’m sure you’ll find gems on the way.

inside Blogging is about the blogging venture.

Vico Biscotti

PS: The words of experienced bloggers are welcome. If you want to contribute, feel free to contact me at info@insideblogging.net.

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